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What is my story and me?

​My Story and Me is a resource for parents and caregivers who take care of children affected by parental incarceration. Somewhere between 1.5 and 5 million children are affected by parental incarceration. Note: While there are conflicting statistics regarding the amount of children impacted in the U.S., the generally accepted number is approximately 2.7 million children are affected by parental incarceration.

Our research was conducted to inform our publications, including stories, activity sheets, discussion starters, and Frequently Asked Questions. Check back with us often. While we are currently in the research stage, we will post information and resources as soon as they are available. Some items to look forward to are: Stories on incarceration, resource list for family intervention, and eBooks with voiceovers.

Publications are marketed by Avon Hart-Johnson Publications. Hard copy/perfect bound copies of our books can be purchased from our publications page.

Approximately 2.7 million children in the United States have a parent in prison. One in 5 children with an incarcerated parent is under age five and approximately 40% of parents who are incarcerated have a child under 10 years old. 

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Parents and caregivers are encouraged to use our resources, purchase our books, and use these resources towards the wellbeing and social health of your child and family.


Engaging and colorful storybooks for children made accessible in digital format.


Educational resources to help you navigate raising a child with incarcerated parents.