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African American Women with Incarcerated Mates: The Psychological and Social Impacts of Mass Imprisonment: $39.95 (inquire about bulk purchases)

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After four decades of mass incarceration in the U.S., the disproportionate number of black men in prisons has contributed to an epidemic of black women struggling to support fragile families. Yet the literature is scant on how African American women are affected by the imprisonment of their mates.

Family Handbook: Surviving a Loved One's Incarceration: 


A book that helps family members navigate the criminal justice system. While this book is based on the District of Columbia's criminal legal system, the general concepts can be applied to most situations regarding family member incarceration.

Contemporary Research and Analysis on the Children of Prisoners: Invisible Children

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In this volume, Hart-Johnson and Johnson provide insights into prison visiting programs in the United Kingdom based on their qualitative case study with interviews conducted with prison officials, researchers, advocates, and charities.

The volume is a collection of work by authors who understand the adverse impacts of incarceration on children.

In March 2017, researchers, advocates and NGOs from twelve countries came together in Rotorua, New Zealand, for the first conference of the International Coalition for the children of incarcerated parents. The Coalition had been formed the previous year to recognize that similar issues faced the children of prisoners all over the world. From the first arrest until release from prison, the system is stacked against the child. Justice systems are all about punishing individuals, and are, as one conference speaker noted, ‘child blind’.