The Study

Our research

Parents and Caregivers’ Perceptions of Storytelling as a Creative Intervention for Children With Incarcerated Parents

Note: This study concluded 12/31/2019. Stay tuned for a summary of the research study coming March 2020.

The Researchers

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, PhD, HS-BCP
Dr. Geoffrey Johnson, DhL, MPA, GRS
Dr. Renata Hedrington-Jones, PhD, MSW

Focus Group

During 2018, parents and caregivers were invited to take part in a group discussions as a part of a research study   designed to understand views of parents and caregivers as it relates to a child with a parent in jail or prison.

We Wanted to Learn

What we learned: 1) We learned that communication with young children under 10 years of age can be challenging. However, the use of storybooks can assist with this process, using a technique known as bibliotherapy.


Future Use

We are using the findings from the research to codify the design and development of digitized storybooks (considered a beta version or prototype). We hope that you find our books and tools to be portable, user-friendly, and aid in the discussion between parent-child communication about incarceration.