The Study

Our research

Parents and Caregivers’ Perceptions of Storytelling as a Creative Intervention for Children With Incarcerated Parents

Note: This study concluded 12/31/2019. Stay tuned for a summary of the research study coming March 2020.

The Researchers

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson, PhD, HS-BCP
Dr. Geoffrey Johnson, DhL, MPA, GRS
Dr. Renata Hedrington-Jones, PhD, MSW

Focus Group

Parents and caregivers are invited to take part in a group discussion as a part of a research study that is designed to understand views of parents and caregivers as it relates to a child with a parent in jail or prison.



During this group discussion, there will be other caregivers present who will engage in a question and answer session.


We Want to Learn

We are interested in your understanding and communication strategies related to discussing parental incarceration with your young children.


Future Use


Your input may be used as input to update and improve the design of an interactive, digitized storybook (considered a beta version or prototype). This tool will be portable, user-friendly, and include hyperlinks to tools for parent-child discussions about incarceration.

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