Reflecting on The Research Journey

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson and Monique Davis chat about the experience of creating storybooks informed by a qualitative research study, affectionately referred to as "The Storybook Research Project." Monique was the voiceover talent for the eBooks: Baby Star Finds "Happy" [by Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson] and Rocko's Guitar [by Dr. Geoffrey Johnson], as well as the forthcoming publication, Truth and the Big Dinner [by Dr. Renata Hendrington Jones].

"I found myself in the story, Baby Stary finds Happy," says Monique Davis. Dr. Avon agreed, adding "During the interviews, we were up close and personal learning about how parents and caregivers discuss the sensitive topic of parental incarceration. I found that to understand their lived experiences, we not only relied on theory, but tapped into our own empathic selves and humanity to better understand the challenges of having difficult discussion about parental incarceration."

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