The Research is Over. Now The Work Begins

We are pleased to report that our research regarding caregivers'/parents' communication practices with children of incarcerated parents has come to a close. We have created 3 wonderful storybooks for children of incarcerated parents. These books will help caregivers/parents explain such topics as jail visits, parental incarceration, and family dynamics in child-friendly language. These books are to be used with children 10 years old and under. Additionally, we have designed a workbook for facilitators/helping professionals who work with caregivers and justice aligned parents to better understand how to communicate with children regarding paternal and maternal incarceration. We are excited to host our first training program in April 2020. If you are interested in our training program, please use the contact sheet to contact us.

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson and Dr. Geoff Johnson discuss what the data really means
Data Analysis Underway

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